Target Attribute: model, children

Purpose: It should be used with @bind, @load. It determines which template should be used to render child components.

The evaluation result of EL expression should be the name of a template which is used to render child components. The result template's name can be any template defined in the same id space.


Dynamic template upon iteration status variable

<combobox model="@bind(item.options ) @template(forEachStatus.index eq 0 or forEachStatus.index eq 2 ? 'model1' : 'model2')">
    <template name="model1" var="option">
        <comboitem label="@bind(optionStatus)" description="@bind(option)"/>
    <template name="model2" var="option">
        <comboitem label="@bind(optionStatus)" description="@bind(option)"/>

Recursive usage

<vlayout id="vlayout" children="@load(vm.nodes) @template('greenBox')">
    <template name="greenBox" var="node">
        <vlayout style="padding-left:10px; border:2px solid green;">
            <label value="@bind(node.name)"/>
            <vlayout children="@load(node.children) @template('greenBox')"/>
  • vm.nodes has a tree-like structure, and node.children is a collection of node.