Legacy Support (SimpleForm)

Since 9.5.0

Before the introduction of Form Proxies in ZK a HashMap based SimpleForm was used, which was removed in ZK 8+. Upgrading to ZK 8/9 may be difficult in case of heavy customization/specialization of the related classes. In order to enable an upgrade strategy, SimpleForm is reintroduced in ZK 9.5.0.

Below an overview of the related classes and availabilities in the affected version history.

up to ZK 7.0.x

SimpleForm and related classes/interfaces


ZK 8.x, 9.0.x, 9.1.x

org.zkoss.bind.Form  /* base interface for Form Proxies*/

org.zkoss.bind.SimpleForm is not available in these versions.

Since ZK 9.5.0

Updated class hierarchy enabling both Form Proxies and SimpleForm.

/* re-added / deprecated / available for ZK 7 compatibility */

Upgrade/refactor steps:

Renamed interfaces

org.zkoss.bind.Form -> org.zkoss.bind.FormLegacy
org.zkoss.bind.FormExt -> org.zkoss.bind.FormLegacyExt

SimpleForm Usage

The default usage from a zul file will still create a FormProxyObject (default since ZK 8.0.x)

<div form="@id('fx') @load(...) @save(...)">

Instead, a SimpleForm can be initialized from zul code (compatible to ZK 7 - without changing Java code) using the TLD function c:new.

<?taglib uri="http://www.zkoss.org/dsp/web/core" prefix="c"?>
<div form="@id('fx') @init(c:new('org.zkoss.bind.SimpleForm')) @load(...) @save(...)">

As in ZK 7 a pre-created SimpleForm instance can be accessed from a view model.

<div form="@id('fx') @init(vm.myForm) @load(...) @save(...)">