@save([EL-expression], [conditionKeyword]=[EvaluateOnce EL-expression])


Target Attribute: any save-allowed attributes (except viewModel, validationMessages)

Purpose: Restrict binder to save data to ViewModel only, no loading.

You usually use this syntax when you want to save and load data in different conditions, you should write both @save and @load in an attribute. You have to use it in form binding to save upon a command.

[conditionKeyword]=[EvaluateOnce EL-expression]

This expression is optional unless you want to save or load upon a command.


It could be one of [ before | after ]

[EvaluateOnce EL-expression]

The evaluation result must be one or more command name.

Command name must correspond to the name specified in Java annotation @Command in a ViewModel.


Basic usage

<textbox value="@load(vm.person.name) @save(vm.person.name, before='save')"/>

<textbox value="@load(vm.person.name) @save(vm.person.name, before={'save', 'update'})"/>

Saving and loading form attribute

<textbox value="@save(vm.number) @load(vm.number, after='cmd')"/>