Performance Tips

Choose data bindings carefully

@init, @load, @save, and @bind are most common data bindings. To track changes for bound properties, ZK will create tracking nodes in memory for those annotations except @init, and those tracking nodes consume a server's memory. The @init will load a ViewModel's value just once and don't track the value anymore which is different from other 3 annotations. By expensiveness in memory, they are ranked as follows:

@init < @load or @save < @bind

Hence, to save a server's memory, use @init if you don't need to reload a value when it's changed. For example, A binding to an object of a collection doesn't need to be reloaded for displaying data only, so it's better to use @init like:

<grid width="400px" model="@init(vm.itemList)">
         <column label="index" />
         <column label="name" />
     <template name="model" >
            <label value="@init(forEachStatus.index)" />
            <label value="@init(" />