Wire Event Listeners

since 6.0.2

To wire event listeners in a ViewModel like ZK Developer's Reference/MVC/Controller/Wire Event Listeners, we have to call Selectors.wireEventListeners() in a method with @AfterCompose. We then can use @Listen to declare a method as an event listener. We do not recommend this usage because it loses ViewModel an important advantage: loose coupling with View. Please evaluate the trade-offs before using it.

Wire event listener in a ViewModel

public class SearchAutowireVM {

    public void afterCompose(@ContextParam(ContextType.VIEW) Component view) {
        Selectors.wireEventListeners(view, this);

    public void submit(MouseEvent event) {
        //handle events
  • Selectors.wireEventListeners() 's first parameters is Root View Component which can be retrieved by @ContextParam.