Target: A method's parameter (for initial and command methods)

Purpose: Assign a binding parameter's default value when it's null.

You give annotation element's value with a String, and ZK will cast to the corresponding type of the parameter. You can apply this annotation after other parameter related annotation e.g., @BindingParam. If a parameter retrieved by first annotation is null, it uses the default value specified in this annotation.


Pass parameter from a zul

<button id="first" onClick="@command('cmd', arg2=100)"/>
<button id="second" onClick="@command('cmd')"/>

Example to assign default value

public void cmd(@Default("false") Boolean arg1, @BindingParam("arg2") @Default("3") Integer arg2) {
    // method body
  • According to the above example, if we click the first button, binder will pass 100 to arg2. If we click second button, arg2 will be 3.