Iterate a Collection

To start with the basics, we can just render the list of menu nodes with <forEach> (notice the captalized 'E') and <navitem>. The <forEach> can iterate over a collection of objects. Specify the collection by the items attribute and access the current item through a variable named each. Or you can define the current item variable by the var attribute e.g. if you write <forEach items="@load(menuItems)" var="menu"> then you should use menu in a data binding expression like <navitem label="@load(menu.label)">.


<navbar id="navbar" orient="horizontal" collapsed="false">
    <forEach items="@load(menuItems)">
        <navitem label="@load(each.label)"

However, doing it this way will only render each menu node as a <navitem>. Thus, we need to further render these menu nodes with a sub-menu in order to create a <nav>.