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The vlayout component is a simple vertical oriented layout. Added components will be placed underneath each other in a column.

Notice that hlayout and vlayout do not support splitter, alignment and packing. If you need them, please use ZK Component Reference/Layouts/Hbox and ZK Component Reference/Layouts/Vbox instead.


ZKComRef Hlayout Simple Example.PNG

         <button label="Button 1"/>
         <button label="Button 2"/>
         <button label="Button 3"/>
         <button label="Button 4"/>


The default spacing between two child components is 0.3em. You could modify it if you like:

<hlayout spacing="0">
  <button label="Click Me"/>

Supported events

Event Type
None None

Supported Children


Use cases

Version Description Example Location

Version History

Last Update : 2010/11/17

Version Date Content
5.0.4 August, 2010 new added component

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